The Importance of having a website.

You may not need a Website after all!?

It seems that these days every small business has a website, the cost of a starter website is very low and you would think it would be hard to imagine why any business shouldn’t have one.

If you fee that your business should have a website you may want to ask yourself this question?


A website is no different to having a business card, if you keep your business card in your pocket and don’t give them to anyone – what is the purpose of having business cards in the first place?

  • What do you want to achieve with your website?
  • What information is valuable to your potential clients?
  • Can you maintain your website keep the content fresh and relevant on a regular basis?

A website has a far wider reach than any other form of advertising – however it take time to build up enough visitors to your site to make it worthwhile and have an effect on your company’s marketing campaign.

If you are a small business you may be able to manage other forms of online presence for your company, such as Facebook and Google Business.

Care about the visitors to your website.

If you can answer one of these questions you can make it worthwhile to have an active website presence on the internet.

How can you make an offer that helps your audience with a challenge?

  • Does your visitors need an easy way to book tickets or reserve a table?
  • Do your visitors have trouble finding your business?
  • Does your product regularly change and update?

 How can you help them achieve something,

  • Do your customers need to buy products?
  • Do you need a provide more information?

fix something or acquire something?

  • Can you provide an online resource of a specialise subject
  • Have you got a product to sell that can be downloaded


A successful website has to be active and useful to your visitors,  It needs to work for your company not just float around the ether with no purpose, however cost effective it is to have a website, it just may not be something for your business.

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