Do LIKES really Matter on Facebook?

"Do LIKES really Matter on Facebook Business pages?"

IF Facebook is like a huge worldwide party, where we all dress up, look our best and tried to entertain and influence others. Then of course LIKES’ matter.  The more likes we get the better we must be doing at the party, right?  Well that’s what you would think.

In February 2009 Facebook introduced the LIKE button, whilst everyone was joining in on the online Facebook party, people became addicted to being ‘liked’ we had social approval, a sign of being popular and way of measuring our acceptance at the Party.

Big Brands Joined in on the FACEBOOK Party.

When Facebook changed the way IT decided what it was you where going to see in your own news-feed back in 2013, Facebook no longer needed to know what pages you liked.   Facebook have much better ways of deciding what it is YOU LIKE, a much more complex multi factor algorithm.  Now Facebook knows exactly what you like, when you liked it, how long you liked it for and when you stop liking it without you even touching a single PAGE LIKE BUTTON.

Let me try and explain

Last week I liked two pages organically (genuinely).  I was interested in a Brexit page, I wanted to be kept up to date.  The second page was a local hairdresser. I liked both pages on the same day.  10 days later my news-feed was flooded with cute photos of puppies, not a single post about Brexit or new hairstyles.  Facebook Obviously new I liked cute Chihuahua puppies way more than I liked Brexit.

I had recently got a new puppy and I had been sharing photos about my puppy with friends, friends where leaving comments and I also joined a 'New Puppy Owners' group and my news-feed was full of posts from Chihuahua puppy owners.

So the pages' I liked had no effect on what posts I saw in my news-feed.

Facebook for businesses relies on you getting your message as quickly and efficiently as possible in front of as many people who are listening. You may have many likes on your Facebook page, but who’s actually listening to your message?

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