Clients Vs Webdesigners

picture says a million words

Content is KING & a picture says a million WORDS

Website weren't build in a day and a GOOD website needs to have a structured plan.

Amanda Lou Jones design build cost efficient websites with low cost hosting, however to keep the costs down the client has to be prepared to provide quality content and images.  A website can't be built with low resolution images and repeated or copied text.

Google is very cleaver now days and reads your content, if it doesn't come up to scratch you page will never be indexed in the search engines.


Images can make or break your website, too many images will slow down the visitors experience and too few and you may loose their attention.

Content needs to be easily read, almost in bullet points. An online reader scans every page they read, they very rarely read word for word unless of course it's a brilliantly written blog article.

They've come to your website to get specific information and they want it as fast as possible, hence why images can me used to give a lot of information as quickly as possible.

Keep you website easy to use, short and to the point with enough content to keep the Google spiders happy to ensure it gets indexed in the search engines.


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