Professional Photography

Here at Amanda Lou Jones we’re starting to grow into complementary fields of business.  We now offer professional photography at affordable prices. You might be targeting the right audience with the right message, but are you holding their attention? With customers’ typically short attention spans, businesses only have a few seconds to get their message

Do LIKES really Matter on Facebook?

  “Do LIKES really Matter on Facebook Business pages?” IF Facebook is like a huge worldwide party, where we all dress up, look our best and tried to entertain and influence others. Then of course LIKES’ matter.  The more likes we get the better we must be doing at the party, right?  Well that’s what you

Clients Vs Webdesigners

Content is KING & a picture says a million WORDS Website weren’t build in a day and a GOOD website needs to have a structured plan. Amanda Lou Jones design build cost efficient websites with low cost hosting, however to keep the costs down the client has to be prepared to provide quality content and

Be BOLD or Italic, never regular

If you have an idea that you think people may exchange money for, you are an ‘Entrepreneur’ in your own right – It’s that easy. “Begin, be bold and venture to be wise.” Now-a-days anyone can start their own little business for very little money.  You can easily test your market by using free online applications, such